With love for Nature, indigenous philosophies, and for the traditional values which power global agriculture — seeking Truth, consensus, and healthier policies that protect farmers, consumers, and ecosystems -– I intend to defend these statements, posted for public discussion on modern agriculture’s digital door:

  • 1

    Modern agriculture’s splintered structure conflicts with the interconnected natural systems upon which it depends.

  • 2

    Crop farmers, livestock producers, and consumers are divided by disconnected policies into competing camps.

  • 3

    While global malnutrition skyrockets, the world’s leading seed companies have intentionally prioritized profits over protecting soybean protein and food security.

  • 4

    Reversing the decline in soybean protein will deliver systemic benefits.

  • 5

    Government-controlled commodity promotion boards have an opportunity and responsibility to protect the public and Nature from the systemic damages caused by falling soybean protein, which are measurable in livestock diets.

  • 6

    The world’s policymakers and multinational nongovernment organizations (NGOs) have prioritized climate issues over feeding people and protecting ecosystems.

  • 7

    Family farmers have lost billions of dollars in natural feed sales to higher-emissions synthetic substitutes that hurt livestock health while increasing livestock CO2 emissions and nitrogen pollution.

  • 8

    Biofuel policies undermine food security because soybean oil competes with protein.

  • 9

    If reversing protein declines is prioritized over biofuel policies, farmers can help millions more malnourished people from the same number of acres, reduce grassland and rainforest losses, and cut livestock CO2 and nitrogen pollution by millions of tons.

  • 10

    Politicians and food companies have a moral and public responsibility to prioritize human nutrition over climate control efforts.