About Us

Proactivism™ is an independent voice for the family farmer and for all those concerned about healthy food and a safe planet.  Proactivism™ also provides consulting services in the area of sustainable business solutions, including business marketing, public relations, advertising services and direct mail advertising, for the purpose of awareness building and policy advocacy in the area of sustainability.

As primarily a crowd-funded organization, we work for you!  And we are dedicated to preserving, protecting and defending family farming and food sustainability in the United States of America from the legions of misinformed marketeers and large scale corporate groups who threaten the food security of the greatest food production system the world has ever seen. Proactivism can accept donations of any size, and from any source, but donations made to Proactivism™ are not tax deductible.

Preserve, Protect and Defend

Help us help You.  Your support helps us continue to ensure that the voice of the family farmer is never muffled.

Our Mission:

To promote and defend free markets, family farming, and food sustainability for everyone.

Our Vision:

To Ensure Farmers, and the families they feed, have the information they need to protect family farm revenue and improve sustainability practices from seed to feed, food, and fuel.

The Proactivism™ is a freestanding entity not directly affiliated with any other agricultural or corporate organization. We seek to represent and defend the practice of family farming and healthy food consumption in the United States of America, welcoming people of all beliefs to join together to help clear away the fog of conflict that threatens family farming and food sustainability.

Proactivism continuously fights to:

  1. Put sustainability independent science power in the hands of people
  2. Increase awareness of the connection between seed quality, farm revenue, and sustainability metrics.
  3. Seek support from all like-minded sources
  4. Hire legal, media and professional consultants to help achieve these goals

Proactivism works to influence political activity in the U.S. to:

  1. Establish and improve the credibility and acceptability of an ecosystem approach to farm practices and policies that can rapidly improve feed value and reduce greenhouse gasses from livestock
  2. Inform the public regarding the hidden, field-level facts of family farming and food sustainability
  3. Work to dispel myths, hearsay and false evidence used to undermine family farms and the consumers’ rights to farm and eat whatever foods they want
  4. Assure that farmers get paid their fair share for producing higher quality feed and fuel products

Giving Voice to Family Farms

For far too long factor food companies have tried to tell family farmers how to farm. Help us push back with field-level facts that help protect the whole ecosystem.