We bring independent science and marketing services together in new ways to help farm and food organizations grow market share and increase sustainability faster and cheaper than traditional programs that center on one crop or company winning.  It’s possible now for everyone to work together on food sustainability, from farm to family.

New findings about variety-level feed and oil value in soybeans means billions of dollars in seed-to-food revenue are poised to reroute. Enterprising organizations can be first in line to make more money and advance multiple sustainability drivers at the same time. We’ve made a discovery that can help:

  • Boost soybean nutritional quality and value for livestock feed
  • Increase feed corn sales
  • Reduce livestock feed costs
  • Reduce feed-related greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve animal health
  • Advance sustainability metrics

Our farm and food sustainability advancement program offers a three-part program to speed success with multiple sustainability goals today, and improve farm revenue tomorrow.

How we can help

We Bring Science and Marketing Together to Build Farm Sector Revenue and Improve Sustainability Metrics Faster and More Affordably.

Independent Science
  • Determine soybean variety feed and oil value at species level
  • Quantify value of soy-corn-carbon connection within livestock supply chains
  • FieldRise Farm and consumer sustainability practice measurement and advancement
  • Prepare FieldRise farm and consumer sustainability scorecards to guide practice improvement
  • Consulting
Industry Teamwork
  • Solve agriculture’s biggest challenge by bringing innovators together throughout the food chain, using an ecosystem strategy
  • Bring seed companies, farmers, livestock producers and consumers together to identify new ways to work together
  • Leverage gain-sharing strategies to share value across the farm sector
  • “Ask The Ag Pro” virtual tech team
  • Proactivism™ collaboration
  • Brand and corporate reputation support
  • Integrated marketing communications campaigns
  • Sales promotions
  • Staff and dealer training
  • Social media services
  • Media relations
  • Websites quantifying the soybean value, corn demand and GHG reduction in supply chains

Science • Strategy • Sustainability • Marketing