Northern Soy Marketing took down in July 2023, silently sanitizing years of misinformation about soybean nutrition value.

After years of disagreements with United Soybean Board, and public challenges from, Northern checkoff teams quietly deleted inaccurate ‘5EAA’ value claims from their website. Sweeping misinformation under the rug is an insufficient response because billions of dollars in farm value and ecosystem losses have been aggravated by the checkoff system failure to be transparent about 20 years of declining soybean value.

Reversing soybean value declines in the Upper Midwest matters because the region serves Asia, the largest U.S. soybean export market. Rainforests are falling fast to help feed that region’s growing demand for food. The same genetically modified seed varieties are sold in North and South America, mostly licensed by Corteva Agriscience and Bayer Crop Science.

Farmer and food company teamwork can swiftly harvest many benefits from improved science transparency, starting with well-informed seed selection. Increasing soybean protein can automatically increase soybean value and corn demand, reduce livestock CO2 emissions, and reduce nitrogen.

Innovators will find hundreds of millions of dollars in farm and ecosystem value hiding inside soybean variety selection. is a volunteer grassroots effort with more information about soybean protein power.

It’s possible for local programs to protect farm revenue, prevent ecosystem losses, and increase food security. Common sense, hungry people, and the last rainforests say, “Hurry!”


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