Idea for Proactivist TV Reality Show:


How long before the contestants tap out?

Our view: Anyone who tells others what it’s OK to eat is out of line. If you prefer more food per acre to “food and energy police” please check us out.

Proactivism™ is a grassroots program to help reverse a 20-year decline in soybean protein. We also seek fair pay for farmers who deliver higher nutritional value to the marketplace. Today, the family farmers who feed your family are losing billions in sales of natural corn to factory-made feed.

Here’s a video about an exiting food system discovery made by independent university and commercial scientists:

With global food demand rapidly increasing, rainforests are being mowed down faster than ever:

Your family’s food and the environment matter! Please take a look around our site to learn more and sign up to help.

We’re volunteers. Please share if you can. Thanks!