Project Overview

Support Raised So Far: 3%

Growing demand for clean energy is creating new opportunities for American soybean farmers. Biofuels, like biodiesel, burn cleaner than petroleum diesel and are critical to securing a renewable green energy future. This means better air quality for better health, and less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

American soybeans are uniquely suited to forge a lasting connection between agriculture and clean energy production. Oil from this high-energy grain is renewable, grown each year using the power of the sun. The oil is turned into biodiesel already in use powering many of our buses, U.S. Postal Service vehicles, tractors, and everyday cars. What doesn’t get used for biodiesel is made into hundreds of products for people and the is rest turned into soybean meal for animal feed.

U.S. farmers have led global soybean production for decades. They have the experience and adaptability to keep up with growing demand. As demand increases, quality seed selection is as crucial to a farmer’s success as the weather, only its under their control. We aim to bring the most up-to-date and comprehensive data to American family farmers to ensure they have the best information at their fingertips, and you can help.

Act today and help us get this critical seed selection data out to soybean farmers across the country. Our team is working diligently to assess FIRST seed data, run feed calculations, analyze hundreds of seed varieties, and evaluate variety-level feed and oil values.  Help us fund the next generation of agriculture data analytics and bring home billions in value to our American family farmers.


Project Name:
Farmers Improving Green Energy Production Project

Date Initiated:
March 1, 2022

Expected Completion Date:
March 1, 2023

Project Contact Information

Name: John Osthus
Phone: 314-369-5015

Project Details

This project looks to continue the work Blue Spring Ecosystems and FieldRise started in providing variety level soybean values based on the 2021 growing season’s seed data and proprietary feed value analytics.

Project Goals:

  • Build new opportunities and pathways for collaboration to increase renewable energy production and improve food and energy sustainability.
  • Ensure farmers get paid to grow soybeans that deliver superior green energy value.

  • Broadcast how biodiesel delivers more energy out than goes in, what role seed selection plays in it, and why it all matters.

  • Drive genuine demand for biodiesel and reduce synthetic demand for fuel that produces less green energy per acre.

  • Promote farmers as a renewable energy source that can help corporations control their own emissions.

  • Grow appreciation for farmers producing home-grown biodiesel.

  • Fuel sustaining free market demand for American biofuel instead of self-interested parties with too much influence.

Project Services:

  • Build local teams, increase university engagement, and hold community events to bring farmers, families, and community leaders together to learn from each other.

  • Establish local programs and partnerships surrounding biodiesel plants to make soybean oil supplies more local.

  • Attract participation and awareness through local media and community engagement.

  • Make it easy to measure and improve food and energy sustainability locally.

  • Create a “Biofuel Ecosystem Protection Team” designation, hold ecosystem workshops, and create education programs to fight against common misunderstandings.

  • Design materials for and hold Ag retailer presentations, ecosystem workshops, and consultant support programs.

How You Can Help

The American farmer is an independent lot, but they can’t do it alone.  After all, it’s our food they are producing. Take action to ensure farmers have the tools they need to succeed and produce the best food possible.  To help, invest in the American family farmer, U.S. agriculture, food security and independence, and in the land that will feed us for generations to come.

Take part in the world’s largest industry today and donate to help us help farmers help you!!


Project Stretch Goals: If we exceed our project goals, the extra funding will be used to implement the following added features:

  • Add beef, dairy and fish feed valuations.

  • Research potential GHG emission impacts, soybean quality, and amino acid content on beef, dairy and fish feed ration formulations.